Delivering value to clients

Your success is our priority.

E-Bros uses Agile development methodology to achieve efficient results in projects. Our processes are mostly influenced by Scrum framework, which means that we work in a collaborative, transparent, user-centered and flexible way. The idea behind Scrum is to work smarter and thus accomplish more.

If you feel more comfortable using classic Waterfall development approach – no problem for us – whatever fits better. We keep a flexible attitude towards software development methodologies so you can choose the one that fits your business needs best.

How we work


We focus on keeping a customer-centric approach. Depending on the client’s business needs, we create project targets to evaluate what functionalities need to be delivered and in what time frame.


We meet with a client to establish a clear roadmap in line with the business needs, verify the expected project outcome, and set targets’ priority order.


During the sprint, our development team designs, implements and tests functionality of the solution. It usually takes about two weeks, but can be extended or shortened, depending on client’s needs.


We present to the client what we’ve built during the sprint. If a client would like to add some additional features or the project requires some changes, we deliver them during the next sprint. The cycle is repeated until the client is satisfied with the results.


If all requirements are met – the project is completed. If a client would like additional support, we discuss it, if it hasn’t been decided before.

How do you benefit?

You will know what we’re working on and how long it takes from start to finish. We’re always available to answer any questions, and you’ll have the final say on task prioritisation.

Scrum practice allows our testers to detect bugs and issues at an early stage when they are easier to fix and ensures that each story implementation is of the highest quality at the time of its completion.

We work in cycles with regular deliveries. We periodically review the product with you and are able to change priorities and introduce new requirements. Market demands change often; responsiveness provides a significant competitive advantage.

Improved quality of software products eventually leads to more sales, reduced support costs, and limited or no negative customer perception. Working this way, it is easier to estimate the cost of development of new features.

We love to work with awesome people.
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