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Based on your ecommerce ideas or setup we adjust our ecommerce platform. Be it your ERP, CRM or payment gateway solutions – needless to say, we offer an ecomm platform that is easily built, scaled and adjusted under flexible manner to best match needed features for a lean and effective digital business growth.

It’s your unique situation you’ve grown into that lets our ‘Broscom’ ecomm platform shine. Having much features to offer easing the business side it fully adapts to your shape of environment and third party integrations.

Ready to kick start full scale ecommerce business with out of the box features.

Easily adjusted to business needs and tailored to best meet end user demands.

Ready for our ever growing updates of the ecomm platform yet capable on scaling digital business.

On board monitoring alerts to ensure the system is on duty and running smooth.

Ready to meet new demands of nowadays modern business in a flexible manner

Adjustable to your setup

Our ecomm platform “Broscom” is fully adjustable to power your environment and help grow your ecommerce business.

With ever expanding in-built features we strive to adapt platform to specific situation while adding ones that are necessary to fit the shape of your digital business environment.

Easily scalable

Needless to worry on scalability issues of the ecomm platform. From the very start our focus is to set a thread for a long term growth of your business and cater it on demand of your needs to expand it. In short, platform leaves a door open for evolution and iterations to integrate new services and sync solutions with undergoing processes in your ecommerce.

Integrations friendly

We’ve developed quite some integrations already in our “Broscom” ecomm platform and the list keeps on growing. Yet it is open for adapting to your specific business shape of on-going technology environment and tools used. We simply adapt platform by switching off unnecessary integrations and adding new ones that are running or required by business situation. Be it an accounting software or specific customer marketing tools – you name it.

Offering solid features out of the box

Yes, majority out of the box features are built to withstand hefty business requirements and suited to meet essential business needs: full product admin, marketing tools, user admin, financial, payment, analytical and many more integrations or in-built features.

Meet ready made solutions for your business on easy customisable ‘Broscom’ ecomm platform

Product management

Full product management: import, attributes, publish, segmentation by campaign, price levels.

Easily administered assignations of products with marketing campaigns in eshop and for remarketing.

Set of rules to assign products with dependencies and relations to other products or product groups.

Search by full product description and attributes. Autocomplete of products while searching.

Orders & shipping

Order filter and search. Order and payment status. Order notifications by email and integrations with accounting sofware.

Integration with Google, Facebook or user registration with email. Unregistered buyer option.

Integrations with banks, PayPal, Paysera, FirstData. Card payments. Open for other payment gateways.

New geo areas admin. Integration with Omniva, LP Express.

Marketing & sales

Full admin of coupon generation in bulk or manually. Automation of discount distribution to customers via email.

Discount by product category, attributes generated in bulk or manually. Discount accumulation by sales volume rule creation.

Subscription forms easily adjustable. Integrated with MailerLite, MailChimp, Omnisend.

Admin for banner creation, assignation by device, country. Adjustable to time interval and could go in a number of different forms.


Integrations with Scala, Skaita, Axapta, Navision. Open for any other. Payments: Paypal, Paysera, all Lithuanian banks.

MailerLite, MailChimp, Omnisend integrations. Open for any other marketing tool integrations.

Integration with Facebook and Google social logins. Google ads categories.

Integrations with Google Analytics, HotJar, CrazyEgg, Google Tag Manager.

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